About Us


Why Is FNUSA Different?

Freedom Network USA mobilizes its collective strength to build a transformative approach to human trafficking that is grounded in anti-racism and anti-oppression. Together with our members on the ground, we envision an anti-trafficking movement where survivors have what they need to thrive, including access to holistic services that are available to all, and all advocates are committed to dismantling harmful systems that create vulnerability.

Our Values

We are a value-based network, meaning we come together under shared values and a shared approach to this work.

We create spaces and efforts that are inclusive, meet people where they are at, and provide methods and opportunities that work for all of our community members. We acknowledge that the status quo was designed by and for white men, and that creating equity requires that we continually analyze our work to ensure that we are dismantling systems that are racist and exclusionary.

We strive to share information honestly, admit our errors, and work toward a more honest and equitable community.

We value the whole person in all of our work, including our staff, members, and colleagues. We acknowledge that survivors are the experts in their own lives, and that their lived experience of harm is only one aspect of their humanity, expertise, and value. We expect all of our staff, members, and colleagues to be treated with respect.

We value learning and unlearning, equally. We expect to continually learn from our colleagues and to evolve our practice and our work based on this evolution. We must unlearn practices that are rooted in white supremacy and violence. We seek to share our knowledge and experience with the field to contribute to growth and development.

We believe that valuing the collective, and ensuring that the voices of those most impacted and most excluded are centered, leads to better practice. FNUSA seeks to build community and shared power to engage in our work in alignment with our values and vision.


We know we are continually learning and unlearning, and must acknowledge our past failures and the harm that was caused. We must always stand alongside our survivor colleagues and speak our truth, even when (especially when) it is difficult. FNUSA strives to share our work and impact to hold ourselves accountable. We also strive to call in ourselves and our colleagues when we see harm being done in the name of human trafficking.



Our Team

Our Board


Impact Reports

Our Impact Report provides a snapshot of the work accomplished over the previous year. Staff compile this report for members, allies, funders, and other stakeholders annually.

Member Reports

Our Member Report showcases the diverse expertise of members. It offers a snapshot of who is experiencing human trafficking, what services they are receiving, and the challenges they still face.