About Us


Why Is FNUSA Different?

Freedom Network USA is dedicated to a human rights-based approach to human trafficking. Protecting the rights of each individual survivor is the only path to restoring their dignity and giving them the opportunity they deserve to pursue a better life. This commitment to human rights ties the network together as it works toward the common goal of ending human trafficking.

Our Mission, in Motion

Freedom Network USA is the nation’s largest coalition working to ensure that trafficked persons have access to justice, safety, and opportunity.

Established in 2001, the network is comprised of trafficking survivors, legal and social service providers, researchers, advocacy organizations, and expert consultants. Our perspective is derived from the diverse geographic scope and expertise that our members bring from working with survivors of labor and sex trafficking. Together we influence policy, provide training and technical assistance, and increase the capacity of members and allies.

Our Team

Our Board

Keisha Stanford

Rebecca Middleton

Shakthi Kumar

Renee Carr

Alen Amini

Curtis Schehr

Ivana Gargiulo

Rebecca Clar


Impact Reports

Our Impact Report provides a snapshot of the work accomplished over the previous year. Staff compile this report for members, allies, funders, and other stakeholders annually.

Member Reports

Our Member Report showcases the diverse expertise of members. It offers a snapshot of who is experiencing human trafficking, what services they are receiving, and the challenges they still face.