Capacity Building

Freedom Network USA is dedicated to supporting anti-trafficking work that is grounded in human rights.

We create space for advocates to learn from one other, provide professional development opportunities to develop new skills, and carve out opportunities for professionals to use their experience in new and exciting ways. Through this work we build community, expertise, and power to make a positive change in the lives of survivors.

Our Members

Members are the cornerstone of the network – their collective expertise builds the framework that drives our work. In turn, we provide a variety of opportunities to help them strengthen their work.

We proactively foster connections between members and other professionals and create spaces that spark collaboration. Members have access to professional speaking opportunities and can contribute to federal policy efforts through our work. FNUSA provides members a frame for movement-level issues, including breaking down federal policy issues and how these ultimately impact the survivors they work with every day.

Supporting Survivors

This movement is strongest when human trafficking survivors have a seat at the leadership table.

This ensures that anti-trafficking policies are inclusive, services are accessible to all, and survivors have the tools and resources to remain free of exploitation. Survivors are part of our membership and amongst our allies. We provide training and one-on-one support to cultivate their leadership skills and help them reach their professional development goals as an advocate.

Our Allies and Collaborators

Human trafficking is a crime that relies on systems and conditions that make people vulnerable. In order to address that vulnerability, we must work with allied movements. Freedom Network USA collaborates with experts in immigrant rights, worker’s rights, reproductive rights, housing and homelessness, as well as those working on issues of poverty and equity as a key tactic to prevent human trafficking.