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Our Training Approach

All efforts to address human trafficking – community education, social and legal services, investigations, prosecutions – must be collaborative, client-centered and trauma-informed.  All training and technical assistance provided by the Freedom Network USA starts with these core principles. We design and deliver customized training and support that meets the needs of the specific audience.  We draw on our large pool of Freedom Network USA members and other consultants to identify trainers who are also practitioners with relevant, real-world experience.


Freedom Network Training Institute

Since 2003, the Freedom Network Training Institute (FNTI) has worked to build awareness and educate communities, organizations and law enforcement about the crime of human trafficking.  FNTI has trained thousands of professionals across the country, utilizing facilitators who are subject matter experts and work directly with survivors of the crime. It links practical tools and information to real case examples from the field. The comprehensive curricula is tailored to meet the need of a diverse audience. The training can be customized to a variety of audience sizes and suitable to any geographic region. Additionally, individual and organizations may inquire about follow-up technical assistance and mentoring those new to anti-trafficking work through one-on-one training and facilitation of new partnerships.

Current Trainings

FNTI Pre-Conference

Freedom Network USA will host a pre-conference training presented by the Freedom Network Training Institute (FNTI). This is an excellent opportunity for those new to the field to get a comprehensive overview of anti-trafficking work prior to engaging with more advanced material during conference sessions. Content will focus on legal services and social service provision for survivors, while introducing the role of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. This training will take place April 3, 2017 at the Grand Hyatt in Denver, CO. Attendance at the conference is not required.

Trauma-Informed Case Management Webinar Series

Trauma-informed services are those in which every aspect of direct service delivery, as well as the formal organizational policies and informal organizational practices that affect that direct work, are influenced by an understanding of the impact that past and current trauma has on a client’s experience of services. It follows that a client’s approach to services significantly influences their investment in, commitment to, and goals achieved throughout service delivery. This practical 4-part training and technical assistance series for case managers and social workers working with trafficking survivors includes information on case management, confidentiality, referrals, intakes and safety planning. This series is funded and supported by OVCTTAC.

Trauma Informed Care.
Intake and Safety Planning.
Case Management Plan.
Referrals and Consent to Release Information.

The J-1 Program – Cheap Labor Disguised as Cultural Exchange: How to Defend the Rights of J-1 Guest Workers

This webinar provides an overview of the J-1 program, a State Department program that was established in the early 1960s to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between people of the United States and people of other countries. The program allows foreigners to live and work in the United States for limited periods of time as interns, au pairs, teachers, camp counselors, and in other jobs. Unfortunately, many U.S. employers use the J-1 program as a source of cheap, exploitable labor and ignore the program’s purpose of cultural exchange. This webinar explains the structure of four of the categories of J-1 workers most susceptible to abuse—au pairs, teachers, interns and trainees, and Summer Work Travel students (university students who spend their summers in the U.S. working in hotels, amusement parks, and grocery stores, among other places). We also explain the major problems that we see in each of the four categories, and how advocates might respond to requests for assistance from J-1 workers. For access to this webinar, email Melinda Smith at

Freedom Network Training Institute

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