What We Do

Freedom Network USA is the largest coalition working on human trafficking in the United States. Our network includes survivors, legal and social service providers, researchers, and expert consultants.

We mobilize this collective strength to build a transformative approach to human trafficking that is grounded in anti-racism and anti-oppression. This approach informs our advocacy, training and technical assistance, and capacity-building efforts with members and allies. 

Through our members, we see how policies and laws affect survivors’ everyday lives. We use this knowledge to advocate for comprehensive services and effective prevention efforts in legislation and federal government agency policies.

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Our network includes leading advocates in the anti-trafficking movement. We provide training and technical assistance to social service providers, law enforcement, and attorneys. Our combined expertise allows us to share best practices and model the most innovative programs for combatting trafficking in the US.

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Freedom Network USA is committed to supporting practices and policies that are grounded in human rights. We convene and support members and allies in an effort to build a collective voice dedicated to our human rights-based approach.

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Defining Human Trafficking

Human trafficking can happen anywhere and in a broad range of labor sectors.

Survivors can be immigrants or citizens of any race class, gender, religion, and culture. We need a powerful movement to end human trafficking in the U.S. and end the systemic injustices that allow this cruel practice to thrive.

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Your donation will help us train professionals across the country, advocate for effective, just policies and legislation, and support those who work with survivors every day.