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OTIP Human Trafficking Fact Sheet

Created by the Office of Trafficking in Persons, this fact sheet provides an introduction to the crime of human trafficking and introduces the Action, Means, Purpose (AMP) model.
Levels: Introductory  
Material Types: Fact Sheets  
Types of Trafficking: Labor Trafficking   Sex Trafficking  
Keywords: Case Management  

Faces of Human Trafficking: Effective Victim Services

Faces of Human Trafficking is a nine-video series created by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) that blends the experiences of a diverse group of human trafficking survivors and professionals from across the Nation to raise awareness of the seriousness of this crime. This video includes information on the importance of providing victim-centered, trauma-informed services to meet the wide array of needs experienced by trafficking victims. Coordination and collaboration are critical in responding to the diverse population of trafficking survivors, as no one provider can meet all of the needs of all types of trafficking victims.

Adult Human Trafficking Screening Tool and Guide

A guide created by the Office of Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) of the Department of Health and Human Services for training public health, behavioral health, health care, and social work professionals whowish to use trauma-informed and survivor-informed practices to assess adult clients and patients for human trafficking victimization or risk of potential trafficking victimization.
Levels: Introductory  
Material Types: Tools  
Types of Trafficking: Labor Trafficking   Sex Trafficking  
Keywords: Case Management   Legal Services   Program Management  
Demographics: Adult  

Social Services

It’s crucial for survivors of trafficking to work with trained social workers who can help them navigate different systems and opportunities that can support them in moving forward. Learn more about the kinds of services qualified social workers can provide trafficking survivors. This video is a part of New York Anti Trafficking Network's #TalkTraffic series.
Levels: Introductory  
Material Types: Webinars & Videos  
Types of Trafficking: Labor Trafficking   Sex Trafficking  
Keywords: Awareness   Case Management   Trauma Informed