Get to know Tapestri: A Freedom Network Member making an Impact Across the Southern USA.

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The Freedom Network USA is working to strengthen the relationships between member organizations. We believe strong bonds encourage the sharing of information, and this new series of interviews on the Freedom Network blog with members will help us build those bonds and do better work together.

We’re kicking-off the interview series with a chat with Maja Hasic at Tapestri in Atlanta. Tapestri has a 14-year history of service to immigrant and refugee families impacted by domestic violence and exploitation. Taprstri has supported victims throughout Atlanta and The South with expertise in case management, housing assistance, counseling and legal advocacy. Maja is proud of the partnerships Tapestri has built with service providers in Atlanta and across the region.

Tapestri supports organizations in eight Southern states with training and technical assistance, offering education on victim intake interviews, counseling and mental health support, immigration rules and more.

“Tapestri knows we’re stronger together. We share our knowledge with organizations supporting victims, giving them the tools to do great work.”

Maja is a big fan of the Freedom Network community, having tapped into the expertise of the network numerous times for information on obtaining visas and most recently, civil litigation of traffickers.

Freedom Network Member Martina Vandenberg at The Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center connected Tapestri with Audra Dial, managing partner of the Atlanta office of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton for the purpose of promoting justice through civil litigation. This partnership led to the first civil litigation judgment against traffickers in the state of Georgia. A $365,000 award was secured for a victim forced into domestic service for nearly two years; the woman thought she had taken a two-week job in Georgia catering the wedding of the Ellenwood couple’s son.. Learn more about Tapestri and their services in Atlanta and throughout the South on their website.

Is your organization committed to combatting human trafficking from a human rights perspective? The Freedom Network is growing and we invite you to learn more about membership and explore joining our community!