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FAQs About the American Rescue Plan’s Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs)

This resource provides answers to frequently asked questions about the American Rescue Plan's Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs).

Peer Support Call: Housing Undocumented Survivors of Trafficking During COVID-19

As we navigate the stress and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that anti-trafficking programs may have questions or need support navigating shelter and housing systems. The FNTI Housing Project hosted a peer support call and discussed current challenges and strategies for meeting the housing needs of undocumented survivors during this difficult time.

Use and Integration of Interpreters with Victims of Human Trafficking

This webinar for the Survivor Reentry Project discusses how to identify when interpretation services are necessary and how to respond properly in order to effectively communicate with victims of human trafficking. In addition, this webinar helps participants learn how to create effective language access policies within organizations and agencies.
Levels: Introductory  
Material Types: Webinars & Videos  
Types of Trafficking: Labor Trafficking   Sex Trafficking  
Keywords: Criminal Record Relief   Foreign Nationals  

Minor Any Nationality Affidavit Template

An addendum to the Post-Conviction Advocacy for Survivors of Human Trafficking: A Guide for Attorneys produced for The Survivor Reentry Project. This Minor Any Nationality Affidavit template is intended for attorneys working with survivors of human trafficking.

Strategic Litigation: Forced Labor in For-Profit Immigration Detention Facilities

Freedom Network USA partners with Human Trafficking Legal Center to explore emerging litigation against for-profit immigration detention centers. This webinar will address strategic litigation brought by detainees, placing these cases in the larger context of the anti-trafficking movement and the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Levels: Advanced  
Material Types: Webinars & Videos  
Types of Trafficking: Labor Trafficking  
Keywords: Civil Litigation   Foreign Nationals   Immigration   Legal Services  

Program Instructions: Child Eligibility Letters

This fact sheet describes the process by which an individual may request eligibility for federally funded assistance for an foreign-born child who may have been subjected to human trafficking.
Levels: Introductory  
Material Types: Fact Sheets  
Types of Trafficking: Labor Trafficking   Sex Trafficking  
Keywords: Case Management   Foreign Nationals   Legal Services  
Demographics: Youth  

Lured by a Job, Trapped in Forced Labor

This video, created by the International Labor Organization, shows the realities of forced labor and the cycle of oppression that a survivor endures.
Levels: Introductory  
Material Types: Webinars & Videos  
Types of Trafficking: Labor Trafficking  
Keywords: Foreign Nationals  
Demographics: Men and Boys