Webinars and Live Training

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This webinar provides a general overview of the criminal legal system. Participants learn necessary terminology as well as anticipated timelines in criminal cases, from arrest or citation through trial.


Jane Anderson, Vivian Huelgo

This webinar identifies collateral consequences that flow from an arrest, and how they impact people involved in the criminal legal system. Participants learn what constitutes a criminal record, how to access a criminal record, and how records impact legal representation on behalf of human trafficking survivors.


Jessica Emerson, Kate Mogulescu

This webinar details why post-conviction relief is critical for survivors of human trafficking. It provides attorneys and non-attorneys an overview of when and how to bring a motion for criminal record relief and the best practices for compiling motions and petitions.


Kate Mogulescu, Leigh Latimer, Jessica Kitson

This webinar unpacks what trauma is on various levels and how to recognize common trauma reactions in individuals who have survived human trafficking. The purpose of this webinar is to help participants develop and improve skills on working with and supporting survivors of trafficking in post-conviction cases.


Kate Mogulescu, Christine Evans, Miriam Goodman

This webinar provides an overview of basic concepts in immigration law and focuses on the specific circumstances of non-citizen victims of human trafficking. In addition, this webinar incorporates best practices for representing non-citizen trafficking survivors in post-conviction cases and explores what other relief may be available.


Kate Mogulescu, Natalie Nanasi, Ryan Muennich

Through this webinar, participants learn how to identify when interpretation services are necessary and how to respond properly in order to effectively communicate with victims of human trafficking. In addition, this webinar helps participants learn how to create effective language access policy within organizations and agencies.


Vivian Huelgo, Monica Modi-Khant

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