Every Survivor Counts: Interview with Yuri Guerrero

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The following is an interview with one of our members Yuri Guerrero who is a survivor of labor trafficking and has been a survivor advocate for over 3 years.

Why did you choose to get involved in the anti-trafficking movement?

As a survivor of severe labor human trafficking, where all human rights are violated, I feel a huge desire to be a voice for victims and survivors. This includes being a bridge to empower our communities, professionals, and organizations against any kind of human trafficking

What issues areas are you most passionate about as an advocate?

Prevention, awareness, and education in our communities. There is a need for better services and closing gaps for survivors in our systems. I am also passionate about partnerships with professionals and organizations that fight any kind of human trafficking.

What training or organizations were most helpful to you when you started as an advocate?

Mosaic Family Services in the Dallas area- They welcome us [trafficking survivors] and empower us from victims to survivors & advocates. They also connected us to other organizations, like FNUSA, NTCAHT, NHTTAC, and more.

How do you think anti-trafficking professionals can be better partners with survivors who are working on these issues?

Survivors are the humans that went through the despicable crime of violation of human rights & slavery –We survive! We know by lived experience, and we are key to partnering with professionals to apply all their academic knowledge with empathic and realistic approaches. These approaches can make a real impact preventing more victims, for better survivors services, to engage our communities and create and better laws against any kind of human trafficking.

What do you see as your greatest accomplishment or impact in your advocacy work?

Being a voice for survivors, advocating for prevention, empowering our communities to take action in fighting against human trafficking. We all play a role.