Chauvin’s Conviction is Not Justice.

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A note from our Executive Director:

Justice for George Floyd is not found in a conviction.  

We knew that the outcome, no matter what would be painful. It is, at least, an acknowledgment of the terrible harm committed against George Floyd and a refusal to continue allowing police officers to kill Black men with impunity. And the fact that we were in doubt is a reminder of how rare it is to have even this small bit of accountability.

However, changing the way we think of justice, creating a new way to ensure accountability, and ending the abuse of entire communities will take far longer than this jury spent in deliberation.

I hope that this does, however, represent a step forward in this seemingly endless march. That this trial does give hope that we are entering a new phase, that progress will be made, and that the new advocates who have been motivated by this devastating injustice are resolute and remain in the fight.