Response to the Insurrection at the Capitol

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A note from our Executive Director:

This week has laid bare, again and in ways that more people are forced to recognize, the deep and abiding racism of America. The reaction to a white riot attempting to take control of the Capitol was completely different from the reaction to Black and Brown people marching for their rights throughout 2020. It is not surprising, but it is horrifying.

As a human rights based organization, Freedom Network USA believes that the denial of human rights directly causes a litany of harm, including human trafficking. When a nation sees a population as less worthy of protection, as frightening and threatening whenever they speak up and speak out, when their votes are challenged; we create a system of abuse and exploitation.

We should take time to grieve, to rage, to be disgusted. And then we must strengthen our resolve to continue the fight. The road will be long. White supremacy runs deep in this Nation. But I believe that change is possible when we support and build on the amazing work of those before us and around us.