FNUSA Starts Emergency Survivor Relief Fund

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In May 2020, Freedom Network USA (FNUSA) established a fund to help human trafficking survivors in the time of COVID. The FNUSA Human Trafficking Survivor Relief Fund provides emergency financial assistance to survivors who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. 

During this time of financial and medical crisis, without immediate support, trafficking survivors may be quickly pushed from precarious survival to homelessness. Survivors are often left in difficult financial situations for years after the trafficking experience. Many who have rebuilt their lives are in real danger of losing any sense of stability they worked so hard to create. We also know many do not have access to the safety nets that have been offered to support families during this time. This fund is intended to lift some of the strain off of survivors financially during the pandemic.

“The funds gave me a great relief that I was able to buy food, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Everyday the news made it feel like the world was ending but at least I had food to eat.”


Survivor & HT Survivor Fund Recipient 

Thank you to NEO Philanthropy and the Oak Foundation for their initial investment. Their generous support goes directly in the pockets of survivors. You can help increase our impact with a donation today. Help us make sure survivors have the support they need to stay on their feet during these unprecedented times. To donate please click here. #StayOnTheirFeet