Standing Tall: A Vision of Freedom in Times of Change

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Across the country people are living in fear. Immigrants are afraid to come forward to report crimes committed against them. They are afraid to cooperate with law enforcement, which only decreases the likelihood that their traffickers will be brought to justice. This fear prevents then them from getting immigration relief that may be available to them. Meanwhile, legal guest worker programs that are rife with abuse are being expanded. This way, for-profit companies can continue to add to their bottom line at the expense of thousands of migrant workers. Across the country, survivors are being denied access to all kinds of services. They are unable to access safe and legal reproductive care. Funding for most social issues is being slashed, while program budgets are being restructured. The results are human trafficking survivors living without adequate housing, access to food, or medical, mental health and substance abuse care. We simply must do better.

Our partnerships with federal agencies, law enforcement, law makers, and each other have never been more vital. We will continue to seek opportunities to work together to provide comprehensive services and identify new ways to prevent human trafficking. Our largest opportunity is our annual conference, which will dive deeper into these themes. For the 16th consecutive year, we will bring together experts from across the country to share their skills and ideas to walk away connected, informed and better equipped to address human trafficking in their own communities. We invite you to join us in this experience. This conference is our largest contribution to the field as we continue to see its impact grow year after year.

As the national landscape shifts, the one thing that has not changed is our resolve and dedication to our mission. We will continue to ensure that trafficked persons, in all forms of labor, have access to justice, safety and opportunity, while feeling both seen and wholly worthy. We will continue to advocate for what is right, train others to provide the most compassionate and effective services, and convene our members to elevate their expertise and amplify the voices of those they work with every day. Because we know that every survivor and every story counts. This is our true work.

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