FNUSA Member, Susie Baldwin talks Health Providers and Human Trafficking

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Susie Baldwin explores the ways the healthcare sector can better detect human trafficking, and other forms of violence in this TEDMED talk. A leading expert in the field, she opens with the story of Raffe, portraying how a typical interaction in an emergency room becomes a missed opportunity to assist a survivor of labor trafficking. “No one knew that Raffe was trafficked, subject to forced labor in the heartland of the United States.”  Through this, she explores ways medical professionals can identify survivors and connect them to the services they need. To hear Raffe’s story – check out the full video here.

Susie Baldwin is a long-time ally of the Freedom Network USA. She recently joined the network as Associate Member and will present at the 15th Annual Freedom Network USA Conference in Washington DC. Early-bird registration ends on February 10, 2017.

Learn more about Susie’s work through HEAL Trafficking; an organization of multidisciplinary professionals dedicated to ending human trafficking and supporting its survivors, from a public health perspective.

Congratulations Susie!