Freedom Network USA supports Amnesty International’s call to Decriminalize Sex Work

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Freedom Network USA released a statement today in support of Amnesty International’s recent call on states to develop policies to decriminalize consensual sex work. The Freedom Network USA believes that decriminalization would protect the rights and safety of all sex workers, including those being trafficked into the sex trade. Our statement can be accessed here.
“It is critical that we bring consensual sex workers out of the margins, providing the services, support, options and protection needed by all workers. It is only when consensual sex work is safe that victims of sex trafficking can be more quickly identified and supported,” stated Freedom Network USA’s Executive Director, Jean Bruggeman.

The policy recommendation is accompanied by data collected over a two year period from those working in the sex-trade, community organizations, victim service organizations and other stakeholders from various regions across the globe. You can read Amnesty International’s findings and find out more about their policy recommendations on their website.