Freedom Network USA releases Member Report

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The Freedom Network USA released their 2016 Member Report earlier this month in conjunction the 14th Annual Freedom Network USA Conference in Chicago. The report documents services provided to human trafficking survivors across the United States by our organizational members from 2013-2014.


Members provided demographic information on the 2332 total approximate clients served by their organizations during the two-year period. The report includes information on the age, country of origin, gender, and type of trafficking experienced by these survivors. Freedom Network USA members serve clients trafficked into all forms of labor, from all over the world, of every age and gender. Additionally, in comparison to our inaugural Member Report released in 2014, specific national data trends emerged highlighting who is reaching services, what types of services are most sought by clients, and what types of services are being delivered by member agencies.


As direct service providers, our expertise is derived from working directly with survivors on the ground. This gives us a unique perspective and opportunity to cite case examples of

the real-life impacts that policy has survivors’ lives. This report highlights topics and trends that we see as gaps in service or identify critical issues that need to be addressed in the anti-trafficking movement. In most cases, these highlights in the report are accompanied by the story of a survivor that helps to ground our position in the lives of those we serve.

We hope the report contributes to the national understanding of the diversity of trafficking and the needs of survivors in the United States. We will continue to advocate for policies that are rights-based in order to meet the individualized needs of each of the survivors our members’ serve. The full report can be accessed here –Member Report