FN publishes Op-Ed on changes to guest worker program

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FN Executive Director, Jean Bruggeman and Board Member, Dan Werner (SPLC) wrote an opinion piece that ran on The Hill’s website this week. They argue that Congress should reject the Save Our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act (S. 2225) rider to the 2016 federal spending bill. This legislation calls for changes to the H-2B program, including provisions that would triple the size of the program, reduce protections for workers, and decrease oversight of employers. The Freedom Network USA Education Fund rejects these changes that will undercut wages of U.S. workers and increase the risk of exploitation and trafficking of foreign guest workers and U.S. workers alike.

As Jean and Dan point out, “a bipartisan group of senators wants to expand this flawed program while reducing not only wages and regulatory oversight but also transparency and employer accountability for recruiting abuses. The legislation also would free employers to more easily hire foreign workers without first seeking U.S. workers to fill the same jobs.”

And some Senators agree. Last week a group of Senators submitted a letter to Senate leaders reiterating that the Democratic majority will not allow a spending bill to pass with harmful policy provisions attached. They pointed out that not these changes to the H-2B program are harmful, and instead call for comprehensive immigration reform.

Congress must act by December 11th to avoid a government shutdown. This rollback of worker protections should not be included in any omnibus or stop-gap measures. Call your Senators and Members of Congress today and tell them to say no to the Save Our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act.

You can read the full editorial here. Thank you to our allies and advocates working in the immigrant and worker rights’ movements that helped bring this issue to the forefront.