New J/TIP Ambassador Nomination

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President Obama announced his intent to nominate several key administrative posts today. The Freedom Network is happy to support Mrs. Susan Coppedge’s nomination for Director of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking, with rank of Ambassador at Large, Department of State.

Mrs. Coppedge’s 15 years of experience prosecuting trafficking cases makes her an ideal candidate. Her victim centered approach and passion for justice is truly inspiring. Mrs. Coppedge has fought tirelessly to keep traffickers in jail. Survivors of this atrocious crime have always been Mrs. Coppedge’s priority. Their voices and experiences have always been heard even when they were not ready or able to speak for themselves.

Mrs. Coppedge has indicted 49 human trafficking cases since 2001, seven of which went to trial. In addition to prosecuting trafficking cases, Mrs. Coppedge has also taken every opportunity to train the community, law enforcement and social service agencies on indicators of human trafficking, prosecution and investigation of these cases. Mrs. Coppedge has advocated for nonjudgmental approach when working with survivors, an approach which focuses on dignity and respect.

Mrs. Coppedge’s experience spans across the international borders. In 2011, she served as the only U.S. prosecutor on a United Nations expert working group to develop an international reporting system for human trafficking.  She also held a Fulbright Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy working with the New Zealand Ministry of Justice to enhance that country’s anti-trafficking efforts. Mrs. Coppedge recognizes the importance of collaboration across state and international lines.