New Attorney General Loretta Lynch Is Sex Traffickers’ Worst Nightmare

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[Joshua Lott/Reuters]

According to a recent article posted by The Daily Beast, pimps may have cheered when the GOP used a trafficking bill to block the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, America’s most successful prosecutor of pimps. But now she’ll be coming for them.

As the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Lynch has been the nation’s most aggressive and successful prosecutor of sex traffickers. Her office has indicted more than 50 traffickers and rescued more than 120 victims, at least 17 of them minors.

With her Senate confirmation, Lynch suddenly has considerably more power. That is sure to translate into more pimp indictments and extraditions, as well as mother-child reunions.

And by sublime coincidence, her confirmation came the same week as the 13th annual gathering of the Freedom Network USA in Washington, D.C.

“A national alliance of experienced advocates working with survivors of all forms of human trafficking to ensure that trafficked persons have access to justice, safety, and opportunity,” the Freedom Network says of itself.

Freedom Network and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are working tirelessly to end modern day slavery of trafficked persons.

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