Worker Justice Center of New York fights for Workers Stolen Wages

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Freedom Network member organization Worker Justice Center of New York was successful in efforts to receive legal compensation for wages on behalf of worker Marco Lino.  Lino worked at a Queens greenmarket and was owed and awarded $51,025.20 in unpaid wages.  Lino and 34 other workers at three restaurants in Upper Manhattan were found to be owed $385,364.34 in unpaid wages from one ownership.  Yet, none of the workers have collected on their awards.

While these rulings are a positive step forward, the actual collection of unpaid wages is still an arduous process for workers.  While legal documentation is helpful, owners have been known to move assets and to hide money to prevent payment and retribution. For more information about this case, read this article in the New York Times.

To learn more about this issue, please join five Freedom Network members in Civil Litigation Roundtable panel discussion at the 13th Annual Freedom Network Conference as they discuss strategies and benefits to pursing civil damages for human trafficking survivors.  For more information on the featured roundtable, click here.