Civil Litigation Roundtable Workshop Announced for Conference

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We are happy to announce another exciting panel for the 13th Annual Freedom Network Conference.  Please join five Freedom Network members as they discuss strategies and benefits to pursing civil damages for human trafficking survivors.

Workshop Abstract: Since 2003, trafficking victims have been able to sue their traffickers in federal court for damages.  Sadly, in the twelve years since passage of this civil remedy, trafficking victims have filed just 147 cases.  As the Urban Institute report points out, almost all of those cases are for forced labor.  In 2008, Congress expanded the civil litigation law to permit lawsuits against those who knowingly benefit financially from trafficking.  Only a tiny handful of trafficking suits have used this theory.

The Civil Litigation Roundtable will bring together lawyers and victim advocates to discuss the benefits of civil litigation and efforts to make civil litigation more accessible to trafficking survivors.  Topics to be covered include: recent successful cases, possible damages awards, working with pro bono attorneys, expert witnesses, and best practices for supporting survivors engaged in litigation.  This roundtable provides an opportunity for cross-cutting communication between some of the country’s most experienced trafficking litigators and leading victim advocates to discuss the benefits and challenges of trafficking litigation.

To register for the 13th Annual Freedom Network Conference click here.  Check back for more updates on the agenda, speakers, and Conference event