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The Resource Library includes fact sheets, promising practices, tools, templates, and training materials developed by subject-matter experts with direct experience working with survivors. Resource topics address current trends and challenges in the field.




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The 6 C’s of Becoming an Advocate Video

This is video is an accompaniment to The 6 C's of Becoming an Advocate toolkit; a collaborative project of The Survivor Alliance, International Institute of Buffalo and Freedom Network USA. The goal of this collaboration is to support human trafficking survivors decide how or if they want to be involved in the anti-trafficking movement. This video features seasoned survivor leaders from across the US. They share details about the work they do and the lessons they have learned along the way. You can find the accompanying workbook here. 

The 6 C’s of Becoming an Advocate Workbook

This workbook is a tool that allows survivors to both assess their readiness to participate in the anti-trafficking movement and also consider the diverse paths of participation. The toolkit includes a video, which features seasoned survivor leaders, share their work and experiences in the field. 

Faces of Human Trafficking: Effective Victim Services

Faces of Human Trafficking is a nine-video series created by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) that blends the experiences of a diverse group of human trafficking survivors and professionals from across the Nation to raise awareness of the seriousness of this crime. This video includes information on the importance of providing victim-centered, trauma-informed services to meet the wide array of needs experienced by trafficking victims. Coordination and collaboration are critical in responding to the diverse population of trafficking survivors, as no one provider can meet all of the needs of all types of trafficking victims.