Cassandra Pericak

Board Member

Cassandra Pericak, Board Member - Headshot

Cassie Pericak currently serves on the Board of Directors for Freedom Network USA.

Passion for Philanthropy: As a result of the incredible teachings of St. Vincent DePaul and the passionate professors at both Niagara University and DePaul University, Cassie is fortunate enough to have devoted her entire career to serving the nonprofit sector with a focus on increasing annual and campaign-related development efforts. During her educational experiences, Cassie learned about how government, for-profit companies, and nonprofit organizations coexist and collaborate on both a local and global scale. Seeing first-hand how not-for-profits operate, she was able to understand and maximized the impact individuals, corporations, and foundations, each bringing unique desires and interests, have on the world around us. It was Cassie’s education and experiences at these amazing Vincentian universities that has shaped her world outlook, her life goals, and maintains her passionate to leverage the power of philanthropy to positively transform our society.

Work Experience: Though Cassie has supported the fundraising initiatives of nonprofits since 2009, it’s her current role as an AVP at CCS Fundraising (CCS), where she has given specific focus to advancing the missions of social service organizations, education institutions, healthcare associations, and religious entities. CCS Fundraising is the global leader when it comes to nonprofit consulting and dedicate their service models to supporting the nonprofit sector to create transformational change. Throughout her tenure, Cassie has led campaign efforts totaling more than $150MM, conducted countless strategic conversations, and developed strategic plans for two separate organizations. Not only does Cassie work outwardly with clients, but she also supports the firm internally as a team-wide expert where staff members can tap her as a resource for advice and guidance as they navigate the needs of their respective clients. She also serves as the Team Officer for the Central US Team’s Writing Centre and is a former member on the Recruitment Team.