What to Know About Labor Trafficking

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Labor trafficking is the most prevalent form of trafficking. Since labor trafficking is often not highlighted, there are a lot of misconceptions about what it is and who is affected by it.

1. Labor trafficking is glossed over or not recognized in many anti-trafficking efforts.

2. Labor trafficking can happen in any employment sector including domestic work, construction, and agriculture. 

3. Labor trafficking survivors can work alongside non-trafficked people.

4. Children can be survivors of labor trafficking.

5. Traffickers can target anyone but often target immigrants to use their citizenship status as a method of coercion.

6. Labor traffickers can be anyone, including family.

7. Many labor trafficking survivors who migrated to the US come to the U.S legally, many on a temporary worker visa.

8. Homelessness and poverty increases one’s risk to labor trafficking.

9. Labor trafficking can be very traumatic and cause PTSD.

10. Labor trafficking can happen on both small and large scales affecting individuals and large groups of people.