Alana Jones

Freedom Network Training Institute (FNTI) Coordinator

Alana Jones, Freedom Network Training Institute (FNTI) Coordinator - Headshot

Alana Jones is the Freedom Network Training Institute (FNTI) Coordinator. 

The Training Institute develops and delivers high-quality training and technical assistance to human trafficking programs and allied fields. Alana joined Freedom Network USA with a history of technical assistance and education and work experiences surrounding the issues of housing and human trafficking.

Previously, Alana completed a legal internship with the Thai Community Development Center. She helped establish a system for completing T Visa applications for survivors of a large-scale case. Most recently, Alana worked with the Housing Opportunities for Women to research affordable housing policies and manage in-kind donations for their housing project. In all of her roles, Alana has provided technical support and communicated with diverse audiences. Alana received a Master’s Degree in Public Policy with a Human Rights Advocacy concentration from Adler University and an undergraduate degree in Psychology.