Freedom Network USA

As more survivors of human trafficking are identified, the number of organizations and individuals providing services has increased significantly. While there are large organizations with national recognition, many direct service providers work in small departments and have no way to connect to the larger anti-trafficking movement. Freedom Network USA members are both small and large organizations and individuals with a range of expertise. We provide a platform for members to come together to support and learn from each other. If you are providing direct services to survivors of human trafficking, we invite you to read our policy papers to learn more about our values and approach.

Member Levels


Associate Membership, a required 12 month introductory period, is the first step in becoming a Full Member of Freedom Network USA. Associate Members join in Freedom Network USA activities and efforts, while getting to know the other members and better understand the organizational approach.  Full membership is considered at the end of this period and gives members voting privileges and eligibility for leadership positions.


We realize that human trafficking does not occur in a vacuum. The same underlying political, socioeconomic and immigration issues that create vulnerability to human trafficking, also create other harmful conditions for migrants, low income workers, LGBTQ communities and others. To fully engage in prevention efforts, we must address these issues that make individuals vulnerable. In order to unite our voices and make impactful change, we open our doors to organizations and individuals who want to collaborate with the Freedom Network USA as our Allies.

Membership Inquiry

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