Case Managers at Safe Horizon in NYC


Immigration Options for Victims of Crimes


The War on Human Trafficking: U.S. Policy Assessed
Anthony M. DeStefano

A Crime so Monstrous:  Face to Face with Modern Day Slavery
Benjamin Skinner

Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves
Kevin Bales

Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy
Kevin Bales

Understanding Global Slavery: A Reader
Kevin Bales

To Plead Our Own Cause: Personal Stories by Today’s Slaves
Kevin Bales & Zoe Trodd

John Bowe

Trafficking of Human Beings from a Human Rights Perspective
Tom Obokata

The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today
Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter



Ensuring Full Restitution for Trafficking Victims: An Overview of Mandatory Restitution Awards Under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act

Inaugural Freedom Network Member Report 

Summary: Global Estimate of Forced Labor, International Labor Organization (June 2012)—ed_norm/—declaration/documents/publication/wcms_181953.pdf


U.S. Department of State, Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Reports, 2001-2012

The Road North: The Role of Gender, Poverty and Violence in Trafficking from Mexico to the US
Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center

Overworked and Underpaid: H-2A Herders in Colorado
A Report by the Migrant Farm Worker Division of Colorado Legal Services
Full Report – English
Full Report – Spanish

Collateral Damage: The Impact of Anti-Trafficking Measures on Human Rights around the World
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

The U.S. Response to Human Trafficking: An Unbalanced Approach
The Women’s Commission

Rights to Survival and Mobility: An Anti-Trafficking Activists Agenda*
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

Kicking Down the Door:  The Use of Raids to Fight Trafficking in Persons*
Sex Workers Project, Urban Justice Center

The American Dream Up for Sale: A Blueprint for Ending International Labor Recruitment Abuse

International Labor Recruitment Group


Reconceptualizing Approaches to Human Trafficking: New Directions and Perspectives from the Field(s)*
Loyola Law School Legal Studies Paper No. 2007-47

Trafficking, Demand and the Sex Market
Lin Lean Lim


Practitioners’ Guides:

Identification and Legal Advocacy for Trafficking Survivors, 3rd Edition* (T-Visa Manual)
New York Anti-Trafficking Network (NYATN)

Immigration Relief for Crime Victims (U-Visa Manual)
New York Anti-Trafficking Network (NYATN)

A Guide for Legal Advocates Providing Services to Victims of Trafficking*
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Civil Litigation on Behalf of Victims of Human Trafficking (3d ed)

Southern Poverty Law Center and Loyola Law School of Los Angeles

Close to Slavery: Guestworker Programs in the United States (2013 ed)

Southern Poverty Law Center

Collaborating with the Media: Guidelines for Social and Legal Service Providers Working with Survivors of Human Trafficking*
Safe Horizon

Safety Planning Standards for Trafficked and Enslaved Persons*
Safe Horizon
Meeting the Legal Needs of Child Trafficking Victims:  An Introduction for Children’s Attorneys & Advocates
Eva Klain & Amanda Kloer

Meeting the Legal Needs of Human Trafficking Victims: An Introduction for Domestic* Violence Attorneys and Advocates
Jean Bruggeman and Elizabeth Keyes

The IOM Handbook: Direct Assistance for Victims of Trafficking
International Organization for Migration

Interviewing Trafficked Person’s Guidelines
World Health Organization

Gaining the Trust of Your Victim-Witness: A Guide for Law Enforcement Working Human Trafficking Cases*
Humanatis, Kelly Heinrich & Jennifer Podkul

Care for Trafficked Children