October 18, 2012 : New York, NY  
Participants: Health and Human Services Region II
Trainers: Florrie Burke, Ana I. Vallejo, and Kimberly Chang (guest speaker)
Program: Full Day FNTI Training


November 14, 2012 :  Maitland, Florida
Participants: Presbyterian Church
Trainers: Amy Fleischauer, Laura Germino, Maria Jose Fletcher.
Program: two tracks:
  • 1) Full Day FNTI Training
  • 2) Half Day of advanced training on trauma and half a day of coalition building

April 11, 2012 : Canton, Ohio
Participants: Presbyterian Church
Trainers: (TBD)
Program: Full Day FNTI Training


To request a training or for more information about the Freedom Network Training Institute, please contact Maria Jose Fletcher, FNTI Coordinator