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Membership Criteria and Application Procedures

Thank you for your interest in the Freedom Network. Freedom Network membership is open to individuals and independent NGOs that provide services to or engage in advocacy on behalf of persons trafficked into or within the United States. Please review the Membership Requirements listed below prior to beginning the application process. Should you have any questions about the application process or becoming a Freedom Network member, please contact the Membership Committee Chairs. See our list of current chairs and committee chairs on our website,

Please note: the Membership Committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. You will receive a response within three months of receipt of your application which may include a request for further clarifying information. The Membership Committee’s goal is to make the application process as informative and expedient as possible for your organization.


Membership Requirements

Members are expected to:

  1. Engage in advocacy on behalf of, or provide services to, trafficked persons.
  2. Support the Freedom Network (USA) Trafficking Definition, Mission Statement and Principles, and Position Papers
  3. Pay annual dues
  4. Participate in at least one FN committee focused on training/materials, policy/advocacy, membership, or Annual Meeting
  5. Participate in at least two-thirds of monthly Freedom Network conference calls per year.
  6. Attend annual meeting (usually held day after annual conference in spring).
  7. Attend annual conference
  8. Consistently participate in at least one FN committee and its work throughout the year. Committees include (1) Advocacy (2) Membership (3) Training Institute (4) Annual Conference
  9. Adopt the following Principles of Operation:
    • Adopt a policy of non-discrimination in hiring, promotion and firing, and in providing services. The policy must state that it does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age, nationality, or marital status
    • Adopt a policy to use non-coercive practices, such as ensuring that their organization has no requirement for clients to participate in religious classes, no deprogramming or other coercive programs directed at sex workers, no pressure to cooperate with law enforcement
    • Only use the name of the Freedom Network (USA) to advance the mission of the Freedom Network.
    • Abide by other principles of operation adopted by the full members.

In addition, members may:

  • Vote, with one vote per organization/individual member
  • Serve as committee chairs or as a chair of the Freedom Network, thereby serving as a member of the Steering Committee
  • Serve as an ad-hoc member of the Steering Committee


Application, Approval, and Revocation Procedures

  1. Prior to submission of application materials, interested individuals/organizations shall review the Freedom Network’s Position Papers.
  2. Interested individuals/organizations shall then contact the Membership Committee Chairs to discuss and clarify Freedom Network operating principles and policy positions.
  3. Submit a completed application to Membership Chairs that shall include:
    • Completed Membership Application Form
    • Latest organizational annual report
    • Signed Freedom Network Confidentiality Policy
    • Signed Freedom Network Principles Policy.
    • Copy of the organization’s or its fiscal sponsor’s 501(c)(c3) tax letter from the IRS, or a copy of the application for 501(c)(3) status.
  4. This completed application will then be reviewed by Freedom Network Membership Co-Chairs to confirm all criteria has been met.
  5. Completed application will be sent to the all Freedom Network members for review and comments. If questions or requests for further information arise, FN Membership Co-Chairs will follow up with the applicant.
  6. Once all information is gathered, The FN Steering Committee will review the comments of the full membership during its next monthly call. ¾ of the Steering Committee must vote to approve the application in order for the applicant to become a member of Freedom Network.

Note: Revocation of full membership can be taken only by a 3/4 vote of full members at an annual meeting (in person or by written proxy). 


2015-2016 Freedom Network Membership Committee Co-Chairs

For more information contact:

Maja Hasic
Michelle Ortiz