Our Policy Agenda

Survivors of human trafficking meeting with Senator Barbara Boxer

CAST Survivor Caucus Meets with Senator Boxer

The Freedom Network is the only national coalition of anti-trafficking service providers to adopt a rights-based framework which our members apply to their anti-trafficking services, outreach, collaboration, and training.  Based on our members’ longstanding expertise and scope of services working with trafficked people, we rely on these day-to-day, evidence-based practices to advocate for policies rooted in supporting the human rights of trafficked persons.

Freedom Network member organizations encourage policies that promote survivor autonomy, avoid bifurcated treatment of trafficked persons, and discourage rogue and vigilante efforts that compromise safety and autonomy in the name of combating human trafficking.


2015-2016 Policy Committee Co-Chairs


Kate D’Adamo, Sex Workers Project

 Gonzalo Martínez de Vedia, Worker Justice Center of New York

Erin Albright, Give Way to Freedom